Dragons in Business

What My Dragon Taught me About Business

If you have been reading my blog, chances are you probably have no idea how I believe dragons have taught me to do well in business. You probably would you see me as a fictional writer, but the heart of the Dragon is good. It only becomes bad when it is persecuted. Likewise one of the things that I’ve learned in business is that you have to make sure that you guard your heart. You have to make sure that you’re always protecting yourself from people that don’t have your best interest at heart. You have to look for your own intuition in every situation. If you do this well then you can rise above in business. You can soar in the heavens and business.

I remember years ago going into a board meeting. I found out that the company had a strategy. Any time a vendor came to them, they would make sure that they had at least three employees to every one employee of the vendor. This was an intimidation tactic in order to try to get the vendors to feel intimidated.

Did it work? Yes, it absolutely did. I would into the meeting with a good heart and simply wanted to help the people there. But, they made me out like I was the bad guy. I think that is probably one of the things that dragons feel like as well. They are not always just trying to harbor everyone, but humans treat them so poorly that it turns them into something different than they really were.

So, when I have learned are the following rules of business and self management. (Here is a good link to more useful tips.)

Becoming a dragon in business:

  • Mind your temper
  • Be aware of individuals who want to dominate or take advantage of you
  • Aim for high goals
  • Stay off the ground…even when you are feeling down
  • Guard your heart don’t listen to the assault from others that simply brings you down.

Thanks guys for tuning in, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Check back soon!


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