The Mind of a Dragon: Insight and Awareness

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The mind of a Dragon

Besides the fact that they cannot distinguish between a potential mate and a pile of shiny glitter, dragons are highly intelligent creatures. It was only when I first stood face to face with the beast that I understood this. I was about 11 years old and Sally was a a few months old when I found her.

It was just after dusk, and very cloudy. Not unusual for a Ukrainian autumn morning. A rumbling bass echoed from the heavens.

The grey clouds were illuminated by the occasional burst of fire, sending rays of lights through the dark, blanket like sky that swallowed all of the Ukraine. It was the first time I had come across dragons in my lifetime. I could not see them, but I knew they were up there.

Screaming at each other in an ancient language, distorting the clouds with frantic flaps of their wings This spectacular event occurred right over my head! I was terrified to say the least. I stared up into the sky and for the first time ever, I saw Sally. From the clouds she emerged. She was flapping her one good wing fiercely trying desperately to fly but loosing altitude quickly. As I watched, I felt sorry for her. With a ground shaking thump she hit the floor causing dirt and dust to shoot up in the shape of a little mushroom cloud.

I inhaled deeply, and sprinted over a small hill jumping over logs and dodging scrubs and puddles. She was a Nethrodote type dragon with black scales and a spiny tail. I could see her chest moving as she inhaled and exhaled. In the minute it took me to get to her a pool of blood had formed under her wing. I could tell she was fighting to keep her eyes open.

Her face was strong and although she was heavily wounded she was the embodiment of pride.10 yards from the beast, I hid behind a rock, believing it could protect me from this young yet enormous monster. I stumbled and to my horror she stared directly into my face.

My heart raced and My face went pale. It’s eyes were those of a predator, fierce and keen. But there was a sparkle in them I will never forget. Immediately I felt empathetic to the creature. Somehow I knew she couldn’t harm me, there was an understanding between us I couldn’t put in words. Its what I would imagine it would be like staring into the eyes of your wife or husband who you had been with for many decades and knowing with a certainty that you both are on the same page.

I approached the dragon agains its snarling protests. Im sure they were just for show. Dragons are insanely proud beings. I moved slowly. And when I was close enough I sat by it’s side until it stopped growling, at which point I put my hand on its face. It grit it’s teeth at me. They looked razor sharp and were candy white. I removed my hand and ran, it blew a puff of fire after me. Don’t run from a dragon they will instantly think you are prey. I returned soon after with a bag of meat chunks.

I threw towards the dragon one by one, having it follow my steak  chunks like E.T. did in the movie. It hunched, but i could tell the beast was starved. Today I think that this dragon may have been the mutt of the dragon litter, and was attacked by its brothers and sisters left for dead. It was very malnourished and scratched all over. I led it into the shed, where i threw in the remaining bag of meat and shut the the two large door halves, keeping the dragon concealed.

I brought the dragon different foods every night. To see what it liked. Surprisingly, she hated spicy food but absolutely loved twinkies (which are back according to the Washington Post). I challenged myself to bring her so much that she would become full. But it seemed no matter how much I gave her there was always room for more. Stealing from the meat cellar was too risky, so I hunted for large deer or wolves, I even took down a bear… though that was not easy.. and then lead the dragon to the still warm carcass.

Sally grew quickly and as time passed by her personality began to shine brighter than her armor. I named her sally after a dog our family once owned. Being an old child the dog was my best friend. But one day the dog ran away and never returned. My Parents were used to me wandering through the forest and being gone for many hours at a time so at first they didn’t suspect me doing anything secretive at all. I would spend hours in the shed, trying to mend Sally’s wing telling her stories.

Somehow I knew she was listening. She was playful and tender, but didn’t hesitate to let you know when she didn’t want to be touched. I had much respect for her, and not just because she could have easily killed me at any time, but also because she was wiser than I would ever be, which she demonstrated many times with patience, morality, confidence, certainty and selflessness. Ever so often would she try to share her half digested meal with me. But let’s stray away from that story.

Sally was an amazing creature. After my dad had discovered her and the garden of eden Sally and I had created together, I let my guard down.

The shed was destroyed… and sally used her fiery breath to build herself an amazing underground cave. My dad came to love Sally as he was bring him wealth! And Sally loved my dad because he fed her like no one else would! And smiled and encouraged sally to swoop (not fly her wing was still bandaged and supported by an intricate contraption I created for her) over our Corn Field pooping like a carpet bomber.

When my mom got word of this and saw the flying dragon shitting all over our yard she lost it. She screamed so loud the pool guy from just ran away.   They came back the next day and apologized, but the weirdness was too much.

She thought we had all gone crazy! She would watch from the house as Sally ate and shat and we laughed and drank.

My father and I had never been as close as we were in the nights where we would lay back in our rocking chairs after a hard days work, drinking vodka and smoking cigars, letting the radiation from Sally’s burning hot breath heat our faces and hands in the icy cold of the Ukrainian winter.

Soon spring came, and thanks to our hard work and our amazing fertilizer,  the corn field was like nothing we had ever seen before!

Green nothing but green! And not just Corn, but peas, pineapple, mango, potato, pizza, meatballs, tiramisu,  and maybe best of all fully prepared burritos for the picking! There were spaghetti vines and shrubs with little Lolli pops for berries! Instead of carrots we pulled popsicles and hot dogs out of the earth! Sadly, This joy did not last for long. My mother gossiped away… and told her female neighbor friends of the dragon and how dangerous it was and how she distrusted the new found wealth of the earth.

The word spread quickly, and soon sleazy salesman after sleazy sales man came to our door, offering outrageous prices to buy our home.  My dad turned them all down, so, jealous of our new found independence and wealth, the town formed an angry mob and stood before our house one night. If they couldn’t have it we shouldn’t either… or so they thought.

I remember it like it was yesterday. They attacked our home and tore down the plants. Near a hundred men from all around this village and those surrounding went on a rampage through my yard…. and Sally’s home. Those fools dared to bring war to a dragons doorstep… unknowing of the true strength of Sally.

They shouted and threw spears and  molotov cocktails into her lair, trying to lure her out with the intention of slaying her, I watched in horror, but i feared not for my dragon. Sally emerged from her lair with such explosive epic-ness it chills my spine to this day.

Such a fierce display of strength, fire blazed in her eyes and hatred filled her chest. She jolted up shooting more fire in the air than i knew she could and launched herself towards the angry mob, taking 20- maybe 30 people under her wings while the other tried to flee of feebly attempted to wound Sally. She pulled her head back and inhaled like she always would when she was about to unleash her fiery flame thrower of death. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i screamed…

and she looked at me, she looked through my eyes and into my soul. She turned away from me… pushed herself off the ground and flapped her wings with all her might. My bandages fell along with the sticks and metal brace I welded together to support her  broken wing… but she flew… she flew away.
I never saw Sally again.

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