Informative Disclaimer & Privacy

There’re no such things as dragons. They really don’t exist. Likewise this website really is not about landscaping. It is simply an area where I like to write my thoughts and feelings. So, with that said, I ask you to take everything that you’re here with a grain of salt.

Some or all of the information I post here is fictional.  I am not pretending that is true. I make no claims otherwise. If you do not like what you read here, please leave the site. If you choose to stay you are them bound by these terms.

We also do not use tracking cookies or anything on the site that would track your Internet browsing information. We do not collecting information and we do not distribute any information. This is a simple blog with a simple purpose. It is to allow a place for me to write the stuff I want….and I love to practice my fictional writing skills.

Thanks Ivan.