Ivan Drakovik

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(click on the photo I got it here: www.stickyleaf.deviantart.com/art/The-Dragon-Whisperer-184502109?q=boost:popular%20Dragon&qo=1100) for illustration purposes only.

Are you tired of your grass always needing to be replanted and then it dies on you then you need it replanted and it dies on you again?!

Well i sure was, but then I found the solution. Dragons.

I was only a wee bloke when I introduced dragons into the world of gardening. To most people, dragons are only pesky beasts who feed on their live stock, but to me, they were the perfect innovation to make gardening a process better than ever before.

My name, Is Ivan Drakovik.

I am a professional dragon trainer and landscaper.

I come from the Ukraine and am the owner of B dragon landscaping. Today we are a very sought after landscaping company because of our superior landscaping technologies.

But it wasn’t always that way.

My father was a poor corn farmer who lived on a dead land. Nothing ever grew from the dry cracks in the dirt we lived on, although the crops on our neighbors land flourished, all around us. The surrounding 100 miles of land was packed with green!

One could say, we lived on the “ass of the world”. And we did say that. Alot. But never mind that, the important part is that I found a dragon, or maybe the dragon found me.

My father always hated dragon. Loud pests he called them, good for nothing lizards he would say, the mosquitos of monsters he told me, but I was fascinated by the beasts.

Sally, I called her, fell from the heavens with a broken wing, I dont know what happened to her but she couldn’t fly. I found her on my daily walk through the farm whimpering on the ground, expelling a steady stream of smoke from her nostrils.

I pointed my kalishnakov at the beasts head, ready to squeeze the trigger and kill the pest as my father would have wanted… but I didn’t have the heart.

I gained the dragons trust and promptly locked her up in shed behind the house that was nearly falling apart, out of sight of interest to my Father. I stole pigs and brought it food. We became friends… I grew large, almost burnt down the shed a few times and the ground on the floor grew taller from dragon poo that Sally would unintentionally roast to a hard chalky paste.

My father grew suspicious of my late venues out of the house. One day he caught onto me. He followed me to the shed with his elephant rifle. Somehow he knew I was harboring a dragon. I pled and begged my father to stop but all his face would muster was a somber frown.

He was closing in on the shed with his rifle planted firmly on his chest… When Sally suddenly spread her ten foot wings spewed fire into the air and flapped around madly.

My father was knocked back but unharmed, but  as he got to his feet he saw something that put him in awe.

The broken shed underneath the dragon revealed what looked like a garden of eden. Plants holding fruits with lovely colors poked out of this miniature 4 meter tall rainforest. The dragons excrements and lava breath had created the ultimate environment for nature to flourish! The ultimate fertilizer!

And so our business was born. Thanks to inhumane animal treatment and dragon poo!